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The intent and creation of this page on the RLL Website is to provide a place for Managers and Coaches for FALL BASEBALL.  We will try to keep the information current and up to date for everyone to use and reference throughout the season.  

Scheduling and Coordination Meeting - Occurred 9/3/19 at the Robbinsville Sr. Center

A few action items we agreed to:

1.       SCHEDULES - Current Schedules will be submitted for ALL League Fall Ball Teams by the folks below to Dave Crandall and Kevin Billings by this Thursday September 5, 2019.  Then we can add 6/11 and Lawrence and others as we go.  One Excel Spreadsheet per league for all teams participating.  The Example format was sent and attached in the bottom tab labeled “Game Schedule Template”

2.       NEW TEAMS - One additional Sunnybrae Minor B Team was created.

3.       UMPIRES - Umpires are scheduled and paid by the Host Team

4.       Games – Weekday Games will start at 6:30 as all agreed

5.       Game Cancellation – Every attempt will be made to Cancel weekday games by 5:00 pm and weekend games 90 minutes prior to game time.  Managers for the games will communicate directly with one another and notify each other of cancellations.  Cancelled Games will be notified and updated on the Schedule.  We will provide the email address next week for cancellation notification.

6.       All information, contact information, team information, schedule etc. will be uploaded to this tab.

7.       Fall Ball Rules are in the District 12 NJ Handbook and as linked on the website and handed out at the meeting.

8.       Agree on Pitch Counts by inning and ensure you report them as per your Home League Requirements.  Remember TWO innings MAX per pitcher per game.

For your Reference below are the Fall Ball Coordinators and Directors;

League Role First Name Last Name Cell Email
Bordentown Fall Ball Coordinator Mike Militch 609-915-4923 [email protected]
Ewing Fall Ball Coordinator Karen Bauer 609-613-7430 [email protected]
Ewing Fall Ball Coordinator Rich Lane 609-954-0736 [email protected]
HTRBA Fall Ball Coordinator Rob Allen 609-540-6173 [email protected]
Lawrence Fall Ball Coordinator Sean Willever 609-374-6771 [email protected]
Millstone-Roosevelt Fall Ball Coordinator Bill Zolnowski 732-501-6666 [email protected]
Nottingham Manager Jim Andahazy 610-715-2925 [email protected]
Nottingham Fall Ball Coordinator Angel Bodon [email protected]
Six Eleven Fall Ball Coordinator Patricia Perez 609-393-0875 [email protected]
Sunnybrae Other Kelly Koester 609-865-5324 [email protected]
West Windsor Fall Ball Coordinator Danny Chu 908-202-5233 [email protected]

Fall Ball Managers - Updated 9/4/19

No. League Team Role First Name Last Name Cell Email
1 Bordentown Coach Pitch 1 Manager Dan Derose 609-638-7295 [email protected]
2 Bordentown Coach Pitch 2 Manager Chuck Krichling 609-902-0622 [email protected]
3 Bordentown Major B Manager
4 Bordentown Minor B 1 Manager Matt Brusnahan 609-575-5765 [email protected]
5 Bordentown Minor B 2 Manager Ray Zirilli 609-354-8735 [email protected]
8 Ewing Coach Pitch Manager Steve Hendrickson 609-915-9857 [email protected]
9 Ewing Minor A Manager Michelle Ordini 609-575-1218 [email protected]
10 Ewing Minor B Manager Matt Furman 609-273-3043 [email protected]
13 HTRBA Major A Manager Wayne Hummel 609-575-4717 [email protected]
14 HTRBA Minor A Manager Kevin Ayres 609-462-2969 [email protected]
17 Lawrence Major B Manager
18 Lawrence Minor B Manager
19 Millstone-Roosevelt Coach Pitch 1 Manager Bill Zolnowski 732-501-6666 [email protected]
20 Millstone-Roosevelt Coach Pitch 2 Manager George Roth 908-839-8541 [email protected]
21 Millstone-Roosevelt Coach Pitch 3 Manager Justine Coecliff 609-915-1887 [email protected]
22 Millstone-Roosevelt Coach Pitch 4 Manager Natalie Scannell 732-533-8105 [email protected]
25 Millstone-Roosevelt Minor B 1 Manager Bill Zolnowski 732-501-6666 [email protected]
26 Millstone-Roosevelt Minor B 2 Manager Vlad Mischutin 732-672-3979 [email protected]
27 Millstone-Roosevelt Minor B 3 Manager Joe Strickland 732-239-8371 [email protected]
29 Nottingham Coach Pitch Manager Sean O'Connor 609-731-3696 [email protected]
30 Nottingham Coach Pitch Manager Brian O'Mara 732-991-1158 [email protected]
31 Nottingham Minor A Manager Jim Andahazy 610-715-2925 [email protected]
35 Robbinsville Major B Manager Ruben Koch 215-285-7849 [email protected]
38 Six Eleven Major B Manager
39 Six Eleven Minor B Manager
41 Sunnybrae Coach Pitch Manager Dan Piezschala 609-462-3021 [email protected]
42 Sunnybrae Coach Pitch Coach Warren Jones 609-273-2078 [email protected]
43 Sunnybrae Major A Manager Jak Koester 609-865-2726 [email protected]
45 Sunnybrae Minor B Manager Carl Maglowski 609-638-6563 [email protected]
NEW Sunnybrae Minor B Manager Kris Emmons 609-815-0727 [email protected]
Change West Windsor Coach Pitch Manager Jordan Shapiro 347-556-3731 [email protected]
49 West Windsor Major A Manager Chris Desiano 973-420-3674 [email protected]
50 West Windsor Major B Manager Thomas O'Connor 609-575-3866 [email protected]
51 West Windsor Minor A Manager Pankaj Garg 919-924-6329 [email protected]
52 West Windsor Minor B Manager Geunmin Ryu 609-608-2672 [email protected]

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Robbinsville Little League

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Phone: 732-798-4196
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