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Volunteer Blue Sombrero Registration


 Thanks again for Volunteering and helping Robbinsville Little League!!  All information and eventual communication must be through our new website managed by Blue Sombrero.  In order to be a volunteer you must sign up through Blue Sombrero.  You had this opportunity during your child’s Registration for this coming season, but you can do it now.  Your Volunteer Status and Division must be correct.  Head Coaches (Managers), all “named” assistant coaches (one named coach prior to the draft) and then eventual additional assistant coaches for each team MUST be signed up as volunteers in the Blue Sombrero account.  This information is used for RLL to provide Governing Reports to Little League International and Robbinsville Township for compliance with our Charter and Robbinsville Law.

 1.     Log in to the blue sombrero site account you created when you registered your child in Robbinsville Little League.  You or your spouse created the user name and password.


 2.     You will either go directly to “My Account” or will need to click the button “My Account” at the upper right hand corner


3.     You will see tabs on the left as below and click on the Volunteer Tab


4.     After you click on the Volunteer Tab you will either see Volunteer Roles you signed up for or click on the upper right corner Tab “Find Volunteer Roles” as below


5.     Then you will see the available roles for each child you signed up in RLL.  Click on the Sign Up button for each Volunteer Role you need (Team Manager, Assistant Coach) and be sure it is in the correct division and for the correct child.


6.     See below the Assistant Coach Role was selected for Rookie Ball


7.     Select the Parent/Volunteer who will be performing the Volunteer Role


8.     Complete all information and most importantly contact information for the Volunteer.  You will need your birth date and drivers license handy as well as other information.  This is very important Little League information for Governing Reports and for communication.  If wrong or incomplete contact information, you will not receive updates or important team and league information.


9.     Then you can check back under your Volunteer Tab to verify what Volunteer Role you signed up for.  Then when Rosters are created and ratified,  your Volunteer Role will be associated with that specific Team and Division your child is on and your specific Role.  This is how you will receive communication specific to those associations (i.e., Team 1, Rookie Ball, and Assistant Coach). 

 All Managers and Coaches are initially selected off this Volunteer List to be Managers, then must be approved by the RLL Board.  Additional Volunteers named prior to the Draft must be on this list otherwise they are not eligible at that time as coaches and the child of the prospective Volunteer will be required to be drafted.  Eventually all Team Volunteers will be associated with their specific child’s Team.

 If you are having problems with your account or performing this action you must contact BLUE SOMBRERO DIRECTLY AT



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