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Cage Practice Times

Click here to view  - CAGE TIME Practice Schedule as of 2/28/2020.  This schedule is an viewable excel spreadsheet that includes a Calendar, Coach's contact information and your list and background check status.   
Team practices begin Tuesday, March 3rd.  If you have a Monday practice you won't be able to start until the following week.

All Coaches must be "Cleared" and "Approved"' by the RLL Safety Officer and meet all requirements or you will not be able to practice with your team on your scheduled time. 

RLL Safety Officer
Jim Dolan

[email protected]
(908) 907-4123

Tantum Batting Cage Time and Availability is as follows for RLL and must be scheduled properly with the RLL Field and Facilities Officer.

RLL Field & Facilities Officer

Rob Davis 
[email protected]

Monday through Friday

5:00 pm through 9:00 pm
1 Hour Increments
**Every Hour on the Hour**

Saturday and Sunday
8:00 am through 9:00 pm
1 Hour Increments
**Every Hour on the hour**

Clean up completely after every session and lock up unless next LL coach requests otherwise

Cage Times – Pre Season March 3, 2020 through Sunday April 16, 2020

Pre-Season requests – Process

Teams making a request and follow procedure will receive a weekly practice time-slot which will be released after April 16th, 2018.  After April 16, 2018 cage time must be requested on a per use basis where you will only request the time and day you want.  Managers must send a request via email to the Cage & Field Officer with the following specific information:

Subject Line: Team Name - Manager Last Name - Division - Cage Time Request
Example: Icon Equipment – Gold – Majors – Cage Time Request

Email must provide THREE specific Days of the week and Times in order of top choice to third choice.

Cage & Field Officer:
I am requesting the following 
1. Mondays 8:00 – 9:00
2. Tuesdays 8:00 - 9:00 
3. Saturdays at 5:00 pm

Pecking Order
1. Paid RLL Clinics
2. Majors/Soft A
3. AAA/Soft B
4. AA
5. Rookie/Soft C
6. Tee Ball/Soft Tee
then Travel Baseball/Softball

• Younger Divisions (Rookie/Soft C/AA) have priority at 5:00 and 6:00 pm time-slots
• Majors (Baseball and Soft A) and AAA/Soft B must take late time-slots (7 pm and 8 pm)
• Tee Ball, Rookie and Soft C have Priority in morning hours
• Tee Ball and Rookie teams must double up (two teams per time-slot)

The Cage & Field Officer will organize and provide your allotted cage time when schedule is complete.  It will be published and reside on the Blue Sombrero Public Calendar.  If nothing is on the calendar do not assume the cage is open.  Also your approved cage time must be published on the Blue Sombrero Calendar.  If it is not and you did not receive written approval from the Cage officer, you do not have the cage.

These times and dates cannot be changed.  The Indoor Cage is used by Township Programs, RLL Paid Clinics as well as by Travel Teams (Softball, Baseball, Soccer, Lax etc.).  RLL is the predominant user at this time of the year for the cage but not the only user.  Do not contact Rob Davis to change your cage date and time.  You can try and trade times with other managers but that is between those managers and is not suggested.


Cage time has NOT been opened up to Travel Softball and Baseball Teams as of yet.  RLL Recreation Teams come as a first priority.    Do not assume the cage is available if it is not shown in use below.  Tim Sullivan will indicate to travel team Managers who have signed up and to the Township when the Cage is available to fill in slots.  It will be communicated to you when it is opened.  Again, other programs use the cage.

Click below link for Cage Rules and revocation of practice time



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