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Game Cancellation Policy and Makeups

Game Cancellation Policy


Games are on until you are notified through Blue Sombrero via email.  Players, Managers and Coaches are notified all at the same time of cancellations.  This is the value of the new website RLL migrated to because of members' requests.  Managers will only know when Players know through Blue Sombrero.  Decisions are made around 4:00 to 4:30 pm on weekday gameday unless obvious or 8:00 am on Saturdays.  Do not ask your manager as they have no additional information or field information. 

 Games will be cancelled due to weather and members notified through the little league website, make sure you have loaded all desired communication information into your Blue Sombrero Account.  RLL will change the location to 


You will receive an email indicating a change in location and field which will indicate Rain out inclement weather game cancelled reschedule - Mgrs follow reschedule protocol which is described below.  The game day and time will not be moved until both managers perform the protocol below.  This change in location will notify all that the game has been cancelled and must be rescheduled by both team managers.

 1.   Games can ONLY be cancelled by Robbinsville Little League Board

a.    Specifically the President of RLL - Mike Todd, Vice President of Softball - Kurt Bernhard or Vice President of Baseball - Rob Davis.  The President provides overall guidance and authority while all technical information and evaluation of general field input comes from Fields and Facilities Officer.  Numerous people provide input about fields as needed.  The Board takes Safety as Priority One as well as making sure the kids get to play and minimize make ups.

2.    Coaches and Managers CANNOT cancel games

3.    Game Cancellations or Changes to the Schedule MUST be approved and distributed by the Vice President of RLL and Vice President of Softball

4.    This is due to field use, Umpires (get paid even if teams do not show).

5.    Games should not be cancelled due to a lack of players, players can be borrowed from the opposing team (especially at younger ages and divisions)

6. Borrowed Players CANNOT Pitch.  Borrowed players need to be of like kind and ability.  Opposing Managers must be notified of Borrowed players and the opposing Manager has reasonable approval rights.  Although this will never happen, if no resolution can be made the VP of Baseball or Softball will be contacted or the President of RLL who will make one final decision which both managers will abide by.

 Rescheduling Games

 1.     Games can ONLY be rescheduled by Robbinsville Little League Board

a.       Specifically the President of RLL - Mike Todd, Vice President of Softball - Kurt Bernhard or Vice President of Baseball - Rob Davis.

2.      Rainouts should be immediately attempted to be rescheduled by the two opposing managers – check available dates (Both Managers must work together) through Team Central Calendar and times with the opposing coach and with RLL Calendar.

To see the calendar, log in to your blue sombrero account (or not, you do not have to), go to the TEAM CENTRAL tab and click on calendar.  You will then see all RLL games for all divisions, times and fields used.

Managers must find a mutual Date and Time with Available Fields.  Lower Divisions can be "bumped" to another Field but they MUST have a field available.  No two teams can "bump" a lower division to have no field to play resulting in cancellation.  This is strictly prohibited.  Sundays fields are used through Robbinsville Township and may not be available.

Baseball must request specifics to RLL President - Mike Todd and the respective Division VP's (Softball & Baseball)

Softball must request specifics to RLL Softball VP -Kurt Bernhard
Baseball must request specifics to RLL Baseball VP - Rob Davis 

3.      RLL will confirm the Rescheduled Game, time, location, etc. and place on the official schedule.

4.      Games cannot be rescheduled unless due to significant lack of players.

5.      Players can be borrowed from the opposing team (an outfielder or two) in game.

6.      At Soft A, Majors, Soft B, and AAA – if there is a lack of players players can be borrowed from another Team.  The player MUST be of similar talent of those missing and must not provide a competitive advantage to the borrowing team.  All borrowed players must be approved by the opposing Manager.  Borrowed players CANNOT Pitch.  Borrowed players CANNOT play in front of other team players.  Borrowed players must bat at the bottom of the lineup.  Managers must remember this is Recreation Softball/Baseball and for the kids.

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