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Field Requests Procedures

Fields Available to Robbinsville Little League

Tantum Fields
Tantum Field 1 - Baseball
Tantum Field 2 - Baseball
Tantum Field 3 - Softball ONLY - No Baseball
Tantum Field 4 - Softball

Sharon School Fields
Sharon 1 - Baseball/Softball
Sharon 2- Baseball/Softball
Sharon 3- Baseball/Softball

Pond Road School Fields
Pond Softball - Softball/Baseball
Pond Baseball - Softball/Baseball

Robbinsville HS Fields
RHS JV Softball - Baseball/Softball

Standard 6:00 pm or 8:00 pm
Fields can be requested to start at 5:00 pm
During Summer Tantum Fields MAY be available during Weekdays at Earlier Times - must be requested
All Fields will work in TWO HOUR SLOTS Starting at 9:00 am
9:00 am, 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm, 7:00 pm

No one team can monopolize T1 and T3 during weekdays.  Two Practice slots MUST occur on T1 and T3 - no exceptions.

Fields Officer will notify if fields are closed due to inclement weather, then you can notify your team.  If the fields are closed by the Fields Officer they CANNOT be used.

Request Priority Order
1. District Team 12 year olds - Girls and Boys
2. District Team 10 year olds - Girls and Boys
3. District Team 11 year olds- Girls and Boys (Tournaments Start Late)
4. House Tournament 10 Year Olds
5. House Tournament 9 Year Olds BLUE - Girls and Boys
6. House Tournament 8 Year Olds BLUE - Girls and Boys
7. House Tournament 7 Year Olds BLUE, then GOLD - Boys

The Indoor Cage during inclement weather is typically monopolized by District Teams and LIMITED to ONE HOUR Practice with typically younger Age Teams practicing earlier and older teams practicing later.  It gets worked out and shared.  Times are ON THE HOUR.

The Cage MUST be cleaned and all equipment put away after EVERY practice.  Do not leave balls or ANY equipment out.  Leaving the cage a mess will result in  Warnings (total of 2) and/or depending upon violation, loss of cage privileges.  This applies to Managers and Coaches even in absence of Manager.  Report poor or damaged cage conditions to Tim Sullivan and VPs of Softball/Baseball.

Field Request Procedures

1. Review Calendar under Team Central Tab of Website -
2. Identify open Times and Locations understanding that higher priority teams can bump you or practice may be approved but Calendar not updated.  No one team, irregardless of priority, can be bumped to no practice less than 24-48 hours prior to practice time.  Practice Fields can be changed up to 24 hours prior to practice and you will be notified.
3. Prepare Email ONLY (texts not accepted) to Tim Sullivan and copy your division VP (i.e. Softball or Baseball)

Subject Line of Request must state "Team Name - Manager Name - Practice Request"  (i.e. House Tournament 9U Baseball- Smith - Practice Request or District 11U Softball - Jones - Practice Request)

4. Send email and wait 48 hours prior to re submitting request - Plan Ahead if possible by the week
5. Upon Approval by the Fields and Cage Officer, they will notify manager and VP Softball or VP Baseball to Post on Calendar.

Note:  If you have not received approval by the FIELDS & CAGE OFFICER and it is not posted on the Team Central Calendar, you do not have the field (unless the Calendar has just not been updated due to short notice).  This also means you are practicing "at peril" without RLL's consent and therefore put at risk for 1) Liability Insurance Coverage by RLL (both Coaches and Players) and 2) Payment of Field Rental Fees to the Township as well as providing separate insurance coverage.

Violations will result in Warnings (total of 2) and/or depending upon violation, loss of field and/or cage privileges.  This applies to Managers and Coaches even in absence of Manager.  

7. Use of RLL equipment is approved but ensure all equipment, bases, etc. is returned in good condition to the correct storage sheds and locked and all lights, PA Systems, Scoreboards are turned off and press boxes locked before leaving field.

Thank you and it is appreciated that you follow these procedures to allow best use of our fields and for our players.

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