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Post Season All Star Commitment

Little League International Rules

District Play Only
LLI Rules state that if a team has 12 players on the roster, each player must play 6 consecutive outs defensively in the field and have one at bat (unless the 10 run rule comes into play).  If the Home Team does not need to bat in the 6th inning that is NOT considered a shortened game.

LLI Rules state that if a team has 13 or more players on the roster, the minimum play requirement is to ONLY have one at bat a game.  There is no defensive play requirement.  Therefore if a team carries 13 players, your child is only required to get one at bat a game and may only get one at bat a game.  The rule was to encourage local Little Leagues and coaches to carry more players that will get more practice and improve.  Players improve from practices and not games.

The above are LLI Rules, and each and every parent, family and player need to take this into consideration as part of the commitment.  Play is determined by the Manager only.

Players and Parents must have a 100% commitment to the team which includes Practices, Games, Late Tournament Games, Field Duty etc.  Any and all conflicts must be presented up front at try outs and prior to the team being named.

Team Sponsor Form - Team Sponsor $

Team Sponsor form is below and Tournament Team sponsors help defray the costs of the tournaments to the players.  Uniforms, Coaches uniforms, tournament entrance fees, equipment, and in some cases umpire fees all add up.  Tournament Team Sponsors lessen the fees for players and also get there name on the uniforms of the Tournament Team!

 Click Here for 2020 Sponsor Form - Identify Tournament Team

When trying out for a Robbinsville Little League All Star team, there are few things that can help guide your decision.  Below are expectations that should help.   The teams will play in 1 or 2 tournaments (depending on age group) and it usually runs from June to early late July.  District Teams can go into August.  For the 2020 season, tournaments will be played in September.  

Team Duty

Each player(s) Parents or Guardian will be responsible to perform team duty during the all star season.  Robbinsville will be hosting one or more district tournament(s) and one or more house tournament(s) and each member of the team will need to provide 4-6 hours of service during the tournaments.  There will also be a $150 team bond that will need to paid as part of registration in Blue Sombrero before uniforms are provided.

Bonds will be paid up front as part of All Star Registration via Credit Card and then will only be refunded if all star team duty is 100% fulfilled.

Player/Parent Contract

Each player's Parents or Guardian and player that is offered a position on a post season team must sign a "player/parent contract".  District Teams will have specific requirements to attend practices, games and events.  Non-District House teams (especially age 6/7) will have similar but slightly different commitment requirements.  District Teams will practice 5-7 days a week until the district tournament begins.  If the team does not win the District Tournament, there is a "Late" tournament they enter and will play in.  Non-district House teams play an early and late tournament.  The 7 and 6/7 age group could create a team that plays only in the early tournament.  Full disclosure of vacations and other KNOWN events is required.  It is not fair to the coach and team to take a slot on the team and desert them as well as accept a position that another player could have taken who was available and fully committed.


In order for players to be eligible for All Star play, they must have participated in 60% of their team's games during the season (waived for the 2020 season).  Each division must play a minimum of 12 games.  This is a Little League International rule.  In addition, we will be holding one day of tryouts per group.  If you cannot make the tryout, you will have to arrange for an evaluation PRIOR to the tryout date with Tim Hoffman.  However, we highly suggest the player attend the main tryout.  

Remember, league age CAN be different from your child's current age.  To be sure what tryout to attend, please see the LL Age Determination table.  Note: Softball is different than baseball.

Little League Softball age is whatever your daughter's age was on January 1, 2020

Tournament Info

You can find tournament times (or estimates) below.  This list will be updated as the hosting town advises.  

House Tournaments (Non - 10 / 11 / 12 year olds)

District Tournaments


Most teams can expect to practice 4-5 times per week as we have limited time to get ready for the tournaments.  Practices will be likely weeknights after 5:30pm and weekends the times will vary.  All players are expected to attend practices as everyone on the team is making the same commitment.  

6/7 year olds practice 2-3 times a week
8 year olds practice 3 times a week
9 year olds practice 3-4 times a week
10-12 year olds practice 5-6 times a week


The All Star season is only 1-1.5 months so it is expected that if you commit to the team, you will be there for the practices and games.  If you have an issue, please raise it with the coaches at the tryout.   If you commit, this is a great experience for the boys and girls as the teams get very close in a short amount of time.  If you commit and do not show you are taking another child's spot who was committed.  Be honest and up front with coaches and the league, typically other than for District Teams it can be worked out.  

Birth Certificates - VERY IMPORTANT

Each player will be required to provide us a copy of their birth certificate prior to the tournament.  Below is an easy way to upload to Blue Sombrero so you’ll never have to be bothered by it again. 

Instructions to upload are below...

Go to My Account
Click on the Pencil icon next to your child's name
Click on the Upload Birth Certificate button
Select Choose File and find the .pdf, .png, .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .zip you want to upload
Click the Upload button
Scroll all the way to the bottom and click Update (IMPORTANT - need to do this to save)

Any other questions, please contact Mike Braender, RLL Player Agent.

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